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What Is The Functional Practice Accelerator? 
The functional practice accelerator is just that...an ACCELERATOR! It's a "playbook" of shortcuts! These are the marketing principles we take action on DAILY. I'm in the trenches just like you...always testing, tweaking, refining, and MASTERING what works in the "arena" of functional medicine. 

We know how to MONETIZE functional medicine / nutrition in a big way! This is the playbook that I WISH existed when I graduated 14 years ago. It didn't! So I developed it! 

Here is what you'll gain access to...
  •  CHAPTER 1 - Keeping things simple! If your office looks like a GNC...STOP IT! Simple sells. Page 8.
  •  CHAPTER 2 - The functional food testing (in-office) that SAVED my practice from failure. The tips, tricks, & systems to implement the testing & how educate patients on it. Page 13.
  •  CHAPTER 3 - Nutrient testing (in-office) that allows you to build a residual income in supplement sales with NO INVENTORY. No this is NOT multi level marketing. You can use whatever products you like as long as THEY WORK! The idea is to test & re-test! Page 24. 
  •  CHAPTER 4 - Let's talk BUSINESS! Case fee / protocol structuring. 100% cash. No insurance. We do not teach HUGE case fees. We simply hit A LOT of singles because our marketing is right. Page 30.
  •  CHAPTER 5 - The biggest mistake! The #1 mistake I made in 14+ years of practice and how to avoid it. Page 35.
  •  CHAPTER 6 - The million dollar business model. Page 44. 
  •  CHAPTER 7 - My day 1 TOGGLE CLOSE. Yes I close patients on DAY 1. Not 2, 3, or 4! I'll show you the exact process. Page 46. 
  •  CHAPTER 8 - Creating functional medicine "OFFERS" / protocols that will squash your competition. Page 49. 
  •  CHAPTER 9 - Millions on the phone. Just get them in the damn door! Page 52. 
  •  CHAPTER 10 - Facebook! Friend or foe? I'll give you a 21-day sequence of FB lives leading up to an in-office talk / seminar. I'll show you how to avoid the "pitfalls" doctors are running into with FB. Facebook is becoming more and more expensive and we'll show you how to monetize it effectively. Page 67.
  •  CHAPTER 11 - YouTube secrets! How to DOMINATE page 1 of Google with YouTube videos. We'll go over the software we use for SEO dominance locally. Page 130. 
  •  CHAPTER 12 - "The software that changed it all!" Page 134. 
Just $197
Doc, you probably spend more than $197 each month on coffee!! Admit it! 😀
Seriously though, if you don't think it's worth every penny...I'll refund you 100%. No questions asked!
I don't want this playbook cluttering your shelf! I want you to take a highlighter to it! Devour the content. Study it! Master it! OWN IT! It WILL transform your practice IF you take action on the strategies we teach! 
The Reality Is This...
Over the past 5 years I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of functional medicine practitioners...

Their HEARTS are in the right place...

The doctors we work with have a passion for helping sick people get well...weight loss, thyroid, ADHD, gut dysfunction, diabetes, neuropathy, migraines etc... 

But their MARKETING is off...

They struggle to get new patients in the door...and on top of that...they struggle with closing CASH case fees / MONETIZING functional medicine protocols. 

Doc if you're struggling to gain traction...and GROW a functional medicine based practice...it's not your fault!

There is A LOT of stuff out there. It's information overload. 

You need to get dialed in and LASER FOCUSED and drill DEEP into these conditions / niches. Become the EXPERT in your community.

Let me help you?

I know what works...but more importantly, I know what DOESN'T work! 

I'm in the trenches just like you! I'm not some clown who practiced in the 1990's and sits on the sidelines telling you what to do. I'm going to GIVE YOU what's working for us...in 2018! 

I'm going to give you my DAILY blueprint! 

The ACTION steps that will help YOU help more people! 

Doc, be honest with yourself...NOTHING WORKS UNLESS YOU DO! 

I will give you the ads, tools, strategies, scripts, office flow, testing, business trainings...but if you don't implement...then it's 150+ pages of wasted paper!👎

I hope this message finds you doing well! 

My prayer is that you take action & grab your playbook before the first 200 are gone...

To Your Success, 

Dr. B
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